Durham, Day 14: Le fin du monde

Someone cried last night, I guarantee it.

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Durham, day before The Day: No work gets done during Hour 15

I’m sure it is no surprise that the prior post was somewhat tongue-in-cheek; having 3 classes this week has been just a little slice of Heaven!  There’s nothing better than going to class from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., with very minor breaks to switch classrooms and eat lunch.  A little dinner, a case due in Strategy every night, a Valuation here-and-there, and some Investment homework…yeah, that’s not ideal.  Hour 15 as the break-point might be generous, as I passed out Monday (?) reading a case study on my hotel room bed.

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Durham, Day 1.2: No Hell yet

So today started off week 2, which for me should be a whole new level of Hell.  Since I wasn’t smart enough to check that I scheduled my classes properly, I’ve got 3 classes this week instead of the customary two.  Funny that week 1 didn’t really seem to be that light…

Here’s how I see this week’s classes:

Valuation and Fundamental Analysis:

This is going to take some effort, which is probably a good thing since I should know this stuff for my career (or future career at least).  Only major downside was professor at 8 a.m. going “So I’ve heard you’re all

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