Shanghai: City of Opportunity

As Team 2, Section 2 traveled around Shanghai, an interesting pattern emerged: everyone we spoke with was from somewhere else!

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Shanghai Culture Dash

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The Completely Unofficial Duke Fuqua MBA Cross Continent Guide to Shanghai

Complete, unedited and unabridged, this DMF Guide will help you – current CCMBA student, Fuqua applicant (or erstwhile tourist) – make the most out of your Shanghai Residency.

Click here to download the Completely Unofficial Cross Continent MBA –
DMF Guide to the Shanghai Residency

Inside you will find everything you need to know about Shanghai, including:

The best way to get from Pudong Airport to Shanghai City
How to get around Shanghai like a local
Places to go – and not those tourist traps either – to get yourself sorted for the CCL Culture Dash
The insane amount of things to do in wonderful city, like

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