CCL comes to a close, but not before we film Russia

It’s purely a coincidence that our one interview was filmed in front of the sex shop! Given the guerrilla-style film making, setting up camera angles was the least of our worries…regardless, it’s a funny way to end the Culture, Civilization, and Leadership course.

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Bringing down the Internet

I’m not sure if we should be proud or ashamed of it. Whatever your personal reaction, Duke University ran an experiment yesterday that brought down a part of the internet. We didn’t do it alone of course, we had the RIPE NCC (Reseaux IP Europeens Network Coordination Centre) to help us along in our gaffe. Here is the link to the story.

It’s nice to have time to read articles by choice again, my energy level was really flagging this last semester. Ramadan may have something to do with it but we were all suffering from some kind of burnout this semester.

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Oh, Hi Finals! What are you doing here?

Have you ever driven home from a great night out in the city and received a parking ticket…but didn’t realize it until halfway home when you notice a piece of flapping paper underneath your windshield wiper?

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