Review: The Unforced Error

In professional tennis, the player with the fewest unforced errors usually wins. The same is true in business.

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Review: The Logic of Life, part 2 – Malthus vs. Kremer

Nearly two months after writing the first post in this review, I’ve finally gotten around to writing the follow-up.  I hope no one was holding their breath...

As I wrote in the first post, one of the unfortunate side-effects to the residency portion of the CCMBA program is that you have a LOT of time on the plane to kill (if you’re not sleeping).  Dubai was a good 12 hour flight or so, India was 14 hours, and China will no doubt be another marathon flight.  Sleep aids are good, but books also work in a pinch.  Just make sure they aren’t textbooks (those aren’t even good for sleep aids!)

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Review: The Logic of Life, part 1

On my way home from Dubai, I was presented with a “problem” that I usually don’t encounter when I’m at home: I had too much local currency!

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