London Culture Dash

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The Legend of Katherine Schipper

From the moment that first FedEx package arrived, the legend of Katherine Schipper was born. Brilliant, poised, and surprisingly hilarious, her tiny frame packs a magnanimous presence. She is intimidatingly confident – comfortable in her own skin. She quotes US GAAP and IFRS rules chapter and verse.

A quick Google search reveals her standing as the only woman in the Accounting Hall of Fame (who knew there was one?), her stint on FASB, and her Wikipedia entry. In the click of a button, you can find a cacophony of awards, papers, nods, and general fuel for the legendary fire.

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The feeling of getting an HP in accounting

I feel how this kid felt after he scored.

Totally dumbfounded would be a good description, with a lot of emphasis on the dumb part

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