Three Classes Left, Two Weeks to Go: One Big Bag of Hurt

In receiving the grade for my ‘Interview with an Entrepreneur’ assignment yesterday, I’m down to three classes remaining for the successful completion of my MBA.  In two weeks, I’ll be done them all…and join the ranks of the few hundred other Duke MBA’s that will graduate in 2010!

But of course, two weeks is a long time from now…when you’ve got to go to work, have two finals in quantitative classes, and a final team assignment (especially one where you know absolutely zero about the topic…MBA= Master of Barely Anything?  Maybe.)

Here’s how I see the next two weeks unfolding…since by electives choice, most of you aren’t in my classes, hopefully this will make you feel better about your choices (I can’t imagine anyone wants to switch places with me!)

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Durham, day before The Day: No work gets done during Hour 15

I’m sure it is no surprise that the prior post was somewhat tongue-in-cheek; having 3 classes this week has been just a little slice of Heaven!  There’s nothing better than going to class from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., with very minor breaks to switch classrooms and eat lunch.  A little dinner, a case due in Strategy every night, a Valuation here-and-there, and some Investment homework…yeah, that’s not ideal.  Hour 15 as the break-point might be generous, as I passed out Monday (?) reading a case study on my hotel room bed.

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