The Lazy Song

♪Today I don’t feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don’t feel like picking up my phone
So leave a message at the tone
‘Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything♪

The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars has become my new favorite song.  I find myself humming it throughout the day and whistling along to the unheard rhythm while I work in my little home office.  I think it is the contrast of the song’s vision with my own chaotic days approaching our first residency that has caused me to gravitate towards it.

It’s 30 days before I leave for China, our pre-reading has not yet arrived, but there is plenty to fill my day.   When my alarm clock sounds in the morning, I squint my eyes at the time, thinking to myself, “Surely this cannot be correct.  I only closed my eyes moments ago, and yet this dratted thing is blaring at me to open them.”  Knowing that every moment I hit the snooze button is another item on my To Do list left undone, I angrily slap the alarm clock and pull my sluggish body out of bed to start my day.  “Today I don’t feel like doing anything” I hum as I go downstairs for my coffee.

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So yeah, I didn’t win those tickets

Three weeks later, I still haven’t finished my campout story.  Long story short, I didn’t miss any of the checkpoints, nor did I win season tickets.  Although 57% of the people who made it to the required checkpoints got season tickets, only 3 of 12 of the CCMBA group did.  Methinks that the GPSC needs to revisit that ‘random’ ticket distribution!  Even so, Pat made sure we had an equitable distribution of tickets amongst ‘Team CCMBA’…Leader of Consequence, indeed.

So what the hell have I been doing in the last 3 weeks?  Barely getting by, that’s what!

I’ve sold my other house, getting out from under the albatross that is owning two houses in this market.  Work has been difficult, as it is for any financial firm going into the 4th quarter with an uncertain earnings forecast and trying to prove that they are financially viable to the market.  And then there is the whole ‘4 classes’ deal.

As I wrote prior, for those in the 2011 program (who have just returned from Residency 2 in London), if there is any advice I could provide…DO NOT MIS-SCHEDULE YOUR CLASSES!  There’s just something so wrong about having class all 3 sessions on Saturday; even though it’s every other week rotating with my ‘other’ class, the workload just isn’t tolerable.  Of course, having four involved classes in the time we normally used to have two, with the regular Daytime professors not wanting to short-change us on material, is also contributing to the stressload.

From my calculations, there are about 40 days until my ‘Fuqua Experience’ is over with.  While I’m already sad that the residency time has come and gone, I’m not going to miss this schedule of working all day, just to come home and work all night.  When I write my 2011 resolutions, it’s all about fun.  I’m about as studied-out as one could be.