Pre-reading: Managerial Effectiveness

(A mid-day posting can only mean one thing…it’s “overpriced sandwich day” at Cosi!  As an economist, I can’t say I’m thrilled with their bundling of “free” internet services into a $10 sandwich, but as a marketer I can’t disagree that it’s not an effective technique.)

Right now, I’m finishing up the two-page writing assignment, reviewing the IDEO case study.  I won’t go into too much detail since this is a class assignment, but what I can say is that based on this assignment,  this class is shaping up to be one of my favorites.

The main idea of the case study is that the IDEO design firm is dramatically different from their competitors, in the same vein of an Apple or Google that re-defined the marketplace.  There are three main questions to answer about the firm: Continue reading

CCL: Rich Media blog

If it’s Friday night, it must mean…more studying!

Tonight, I spent a bit of time reviewing the “rich media” portion of the CCL pre-reading.  Here, Profs. Boulding and O’Driscoll have provided a compilation of videos and interactive tools to augment the cultural and anthropological readings.  Specifically, the videos focus on two areas:  the research of Dr. Jared Diamond on the development and collapse of civilizations, and the two works by Tom Standage on the role of food and drink throughout history.

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Pre-reading: Culture, Civilizations and Leadership

In my last post, I talked about looking forward to the CCL class, but not necessarily looking forward to the reading.  My perspective has changed!

There are nine CCL pre-reading assignments, of which I’ve completed roughly half.  I started by reading ‘6 Glasses‘, which was definitely a fun history assignment.  I ran into a snag on “Clash of Civilizations”, which is an extremely dense account of the differing cultures and world viewpoints. However, tonight’s readings, “The Four Basic Social Bonds” and “Worldwide Differences in Business Values and Practices”, have brought back my CCL excitement!

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