In recent decision on China, Google gets it right

While Google acknowledges that removing themselves from doing business in China is a decision not to be made lightly, I think they are making the correct decision.

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Do Less Evil

So Google have decided to take on China, eh?

Larry and Sergey have apparently decided to take the Party handbook on good PR and government relations, tear pages off and use them as toilet paper.

A few days ago, the Chinese government allegedly hacked into the Gmail accounts of local human rights activists in an attempt to access some rather sensitive information. Doing a U-turn on their previous cooperative policies, Google turned off their search censorship bots and posted what was basically a “F*ck You, China!” post on their official blog.

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Duke/Fuqua Honor Code: No joke.

In between a marathon session of studying this weekend, I’ve been working to setup my laptop to be compatible with all of the Fuqua websites, email, etc. After getting my Outlook email setup, I saw that I had a handful of emails, most notably one from Dean Blair Sheppard titled ‘Result of Honor Code Appeal’. #$@&^!, I haven’t even gotten to school yet, and I’ve already had an honor code violation?

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