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How did this become my life?

How did this become my life?

My classmate and I asked ourselves that question as we are booking our tickets to India and Nepal. We are actually talking about seeing Mt. Everest, Taj Mahal, Kathmandu, and New Delhi. Just a year and a half ago I was stuck in the U.S. waiting on my citizenship status to materialize…for 19 years. Now I’m looking at the 3rd and 4th country to visit in the last 5 months.

That’s when it hit me…I’ve had a hell of a year. Probably the most interesting year of my life.  The year began in Dubai as I was meeting my then girlfriend, and spending New Years Eve in a very unusual place. That was my first trip out of the country (official trip at least).  A few weeks later, my friends and I hiked an 80-mile section of the Appalachian Trail in the dead of winter.  That trip challenged my will more than anything I’ve ever done. But it was rewarded with a trip to the Caribbean for a friend’s wedding a few months later. I must say that I left a small piece of me there, and I must go back to find it. The year progressed with another trip to Dubai, this time to get engaged. When I came back I found out that I was accepted into Fuqua, I was absolutely ecstatic and felt on top of the world. I made the decision and rounded up my $5000 deposit. The next thing I know this amazingly heavy box of books and class materials to read prior to the first residency; a 20-minute freak out session ensued.

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