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My Interview with Delta Sky Magazine

Pro tip: Having a photo with a slight up angle = STRONG.

At long last, my interview with Delta Sky Magazine has finally gone to print!  I gave the interview in late August 2010, before graduating…but as things often go, the story ended up being delayed long enough so they could write “a 2010 graduate of Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.”  Good thing I passed all my semester 6 classes…that would’ve been embarrassing!

The screenshot above is part of a much longer article about Global MBA programs; I’m just glad that my long set of interview questions was boiled down into a smart-sounding quote!  I more or less said all of that…in a LOT more words.  So, many thanks to author Aaron Dalton, I appreciate it.  And while I’m doling out thanks, thanks to my co-worker and Managing Director of Barclaycard U.S. communications Kevin M. Sullivan for ignoring his UNC Tarheel roots and taking this Dukies’ picture on such short notice.

The Cross Continent MBA class of 2011 also sneaks in on this article in the middle picture, in front of the Burj Al Arab…I don’t miss the classes, but I do miss all the phenomenal times and travel.  Class of 2011, enjoy it while it lasts!

To read the full article, click on the link below to download in PDF.

Global MBA programs article


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