So, Now That You’re An MBA

I posed a challenge to myself at the start of this program: Change yourself, or get drunk trying. Suffice to say, I got to change myself and get drunk on the way.

The last few months have been, indeed, life changing to say the least. 6 countries, 18 months, and 325 pints later, I would like to think that we’re all beter professional, able to meet all work responsibilities eye to eye, and better persons, capable of having a proper work-life balance. Or at least, have the capacity to understand that we might be overworking. Or playing too much.

London, Dubai, Delhi, Shanghai (oh yeah!), St Petersburg, and Durham. A thousand stories each, and with diplomas in hand, it’s all officially over.

Mind you, I’m writing this at 5 in the morning and I’m abso-feking-lutely smashed.

In any event, the big question now is, now that my cohort and I have earned our MBA degrees from one of the top schools in the world, what next?

I can’t really elaborate too much on this at the moment, as I might digress and turn on Punisher Mode, but at the very least, Dean Blair was able to leave a few good words for us.

Take care of each other. Be courageous. And be weird.

Will have to write something more coherent later.

Congratulations, everyone, and to all a good night. Morning.

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Thanks Arpit, glad you are enjoying the blog!

I figure I've got a few more blog posts to write before declaring an "end" to the posting of my experience, and I'll be sure to write something about career options.

The short answer is lots of classmates have already switched jobs, some through promotions, some switching industries (including myself), and some getting back in to the workforce after separating from their companies during the economic downturn. I'll have to do an informal survey to see how these opportunities came up, especially for non-U.S. students, and get back to you.

Thank you, Randy. If you can throw some light on how such opportunities came up for International students, that would be very useful. I will wait for your post on this subject.

Good luck at your new industry and I 'am happy for you there !!

I must say this is a great blog site. Pretty informative about the CCMBA program at Duke Fuqua. Thank you for taking these blogs all along from start till end of the program - that by itself is a great & useful accomplishment !!

Ian, Randy - If possible, can you guys elaborate please on what career options opened up for you after CCMBA ? And how useful is the renowned Career Services/Placements at Duke Fuqua for this specific program (CCMBA) ? I 'am a non-US citizen and considering this program at Duke.

Thanks again for this blog site !