What’s better than receiving a stats book in the mail? Receiving TWO!

"Half the weight, half the studying?" - Niklas

I was JUST thinking today, “My old statistics textbook from college is mighty ragged. Maybe I should buy a new one.” Ask, and ye shall receive…two in fact!

Given my propensity to choke during finals, I’m not going to say I’m going to do well in either class this semester.  Rather, the theme of this semester shall be to take a more humble approach, and “whatever be will be.”  And if “whatever” happens to be two SP’s, well, that’s okay too.  I’m not particularly looking forward to using Minitab though; unless it’s been greatly improved since I was in college (possible), it’s a lot more tedious than the tools I’m used to at work.

One disappointment from this set of books is that we received Imagining India: The Idea of a Renewed Nation so late.  At 463 pages, it’s unlikely to be read in any significant detail/quantity before we hear Mr. Nilekani speak at the residency.  However, like the Tom Standage book, I expect both the book and the speaker to be phenomenal, and should be one of the highlights of the residency.

Here are the contents of the Semester Three FedEx box:


  • Term 3 Residency Information At-A-Glance
  • Draft of the Term 3 Residency calendar
  • Airport Letter


  • Coursepack: 311C Statistical Models – Prof. Luca Rigotti (Pre-Reading)
  • Coursepack: 360C Marketing Management – Prof. Preyas Desai (Pre-reading)
  • Textbook: Managerial Statistics by Kilbanoff, Sandroni, Moselle, and Saraniti
  • Textbook: A Course in Business Statistics by Groebner, Shannon, Fry, and Smith
  • Textbook: A Framework for Marketing Management by Kotler and Keller
  • Book: Imagining India by Nandan Nilekani
  • Pre-reading CD: Statistical Models and Marketing Management

Guess I need to get on that GMI paper pronto.  Semester 3 is here.