MBA – A satirical take

In a small Conference room in Dallas Downtown office of an ecommerce company –

Hiring Manager, HM – So I looked over your resume. Everything looks great. I think you are smart and would be a good fit for what we are looking for.

Candidate – I have a question though.

HM – Sure.

Candidate(nervously) – I do not have any background in Ecommerce. I have never worked in technology at all. I was an accountant before I was called for this job.

HM – But you have an MBA.

Candidate – Ah in that case …


An hour later …

HR Recruiter –  So after meeting the hiring manager and the team, do you have any questions for me?

Candidate (hesitatingly): No I feel ok.

HR Recruiter : What are your salary expectations?

Candidate – About $130-140K.

HR Recruiter : Well but this is an entry level position that pays in 100K range.

Candidate: But I have 130 K in loans to repay.

HR Recruiter(unmoved) – So?

Candidate – And I have an MBA.

HR Recruiter – Ah in that case …

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MBA in the time of Economic Cholera

While the economic travesty of our generation persists and the methods and policies to restore sanity in the system falters – a diverse group of odd students would take it on itself to find hope in what future holds. The CLASS OF DUKE CCMBA 2012!!!

Everyone with his own philosophy, his own reason – to meet his/her (or parents’) expectation of accomplishment, to find an alternative to current career path, to make more money or in case of a few, to create a plank to launch a venture of his/her own. And all these reasons are backed by the fundamental belief in a bright outlook for the future.

As a self-taught student of economics, I have watched Keynesian economics panned and trickle-down economics fail. And in fact I often wonder if trickle-down economics is just an alias for trickle-down politics. While the scope of an MBA extends far beyond learning basic tenets of economics, it can’t be overlooked that every personal, financial and professional decision of an individual just as a corporation is largely a function of P/L. Essentially, when all is said and done, an MBA may yet just be a study of perfecting the art to maximize that P and minimize that L – against all adversities, market conditions, competition, evolving tactics, disruptive technologies, regional politics, negative public perception etc..

OR it may just be an opportunity to specialize in the area of leadership with specific focus on client partnering, models of emb

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