Introducing: Garage Cotton

It’s always good to see Dukies ‘making a go of it’!  This week, my classmate (and now, Fuqua Alum!) Stefan joined the ranks of Duke Entrepreneurs with the launch of Garage Cotton.

Dedicated to providing “Premium super soft tees“, Garage Cotton is the brainchild of the Christman brothers, self-described as one “left-brained” Duke MBA and one “right-brained ‘talented designer’”.  Psychological mumbo-jumbo aside, all I know is this limited edition Duke tee from Garage Cotton that I’m wearing right now is probably the softest t-shirt I’ve ever felt, and definitely the best fitting.  I haven’t had an opportunity to test out a hoodie yet, but I can only imagine that they are the same high-quality feel.  Designed and made in the U.S.A!

I haven’t spoken with Stefan since Durham (time has really flown by since September…), but I can only imagine that even more high quality designs will be rolling out over the next several months.  In the meantime, like many web-only start-ups, Garage Cotton is focusing on developing a significant social media presence, including providing coupon codes through said channels.  Keep up with Garage Cotton at the following online locations:

Facebook Fan Page: Link (Be sure to check out the coupon code posted on the ‘Wall’ for Free Shipping until Sunday, Jan 9th!)

Twitter: @garagecotton

Stefan, best of luck with your new venture!  I wear size XL, just in case you are feeling generous (especially with one of those Buffalo shirts)…just no script Ohio, please.  ;)


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