The Packing Equation

It’s finally here.  The books have arrived, the homework assignments are rolling, tickets are booked, and now it’s time to think about what is going into that bag.  No matter how many trips I’ve taken, foreign or domestic, work or pleasure, packing always seems to be a guessing game.  And if you’re the woman who has everything, well, the challenge increases exponentially.  What do you pack when you are going for a little of everything above?

I by no means have it down to a science, but through many years of Goldilocks packing, I have found a happy medium where there is always good balance.  With post after post about what to bring, how many suits, what type of shoes etc, here is my brief take on packing.

Ladies, let’s start with you, because let’s face it, the shoe selection alone may take a day’s worth of planning.  One thing I learned through years and years of 3-4-5 travel schedules is how to mix and match your wardrobe so you can reuse the same basics in lots of ways.  A trick I’ve learned is that people don’t typically pick up on re-wears if they are not back to back.  To get the most out of a re-wear you want to use the same basic as many times as possible right?  The formula I stick to is to have a 2 pairs of slacks of different colors and one skirt or dress.  Gents, back me up here, if a lady wears black pants on Monday, tan pants on Tuesday, a skirt on Wednesday, and then re-wears the black slacks on Thursday, did you know they were the same ones?  Gents, be reaalllyyy honest, if a lady re-wore the same pants two days in a row would you notice?  After losing several bags of luggage my male co-workers have assured me that they don’t.  We ladies are more sensitive, but simply by changing your blouse you’ve gotten a whole extra outfit.  Dresses are also another great way to save space.  They are a whole outfit in one garment.

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CCL comes to a close, but not before we film Russia

It’s purely a coincidence that our one interview was filmed in front of the sex shop!  Given the guerrilla-style film making, setting up camera angles was the least of our worries…regardless, it’s a funny way to end the Culture, Civilization, and Leadership course.