Dubai Dune Bashing!

Last night, I finally got around to editing the 30 minutes of dune bashing video into something a little more viewable.  I rode in the Land Cruiser with Chad, Mark, Todd, Andrea W. and Kerry, and there quite were a few interesting reactions captured on the video.  I also have some other video from that day of sand surfing and belly dancing (yes, even more than I’ve published already), but I didn’t included it here…this video is long enough as it is!

One thing to note…the video is 10 minutes long of fairly shaky footage, so if you get motion sickness, this might not be the video for you.  But then again, that WAS the experience!



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2 comments to Dubai Dune Bashing!

  • Ian Comandao

    that was like watching a bunch of teen-aged transformers toking up after a bad football match and getting into some good ol’ fashioned cybertronian hooliganism…

  • That’s what I was aiming for. Mission accomplished!

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