It’s good to be home

Difference between United Plus seat and tiny Embraer seat

I made it home yesterday, a day earlier than expected.  About midway through the residency, I started feeling a bit “off”, so I decided to bite the bullet and pay the ticket change fee to get an earlier flight home.

The trip home was a dramatic improvement over my flights to Dubai.  This time, I didn’t have a guy snoring/kicking/bumping my seat at all hours of the flight, nor was there anyone sticking their bare feet in between the crack of the window and the seat, or any other general mayhem.  I was also able to pass out as soon as I got on the plane, sleeping on/off for the first 10 of the 16 hours.  Jackpot!

Usually, I’m not a fan of the nickle-and-diming that goes on with air travel, but I’m going to give United a thumbs-up for their ‘United Plus’ seating deal, where you can pay a fee to get an extra 5 inches of legroom.  At $149 each way, the price is steep, but it wasn’t until the flight home that I realized how great this ‘upgrade’ really turned out to be.  At 6’5″, the extra space certainly helped, but the true value was how this price discrimination kept me from having to sit next to someone on the flight, and kept screaming kids/babies from being in my section.  Until Dubai I’ve never really thought about how much I’d pay for peace and quiet on a plane; apparently, it’s at least $149.

I think I’m going to take another day before writing about my experience in Dubai, to let everything settle a bit.  The experience affected me in ways I wouldn’t have expected; what I need to figure out is the ‘why’ of it.

Hope everyone has made it home safe to their loved ones by this point.  All I can say is, it’s good to be home!


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