Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week

…so says the Spanish proverb.  I’m really starting to see the wisdom in this saying.

Even though Semester 1 has been complete for over a week now, I haven’t spent a whole lot of time reflecting on the past 10 weeks.  However, now that we’re just days away from starting Semester 2 in Dubai, one theme is starting to become more obvious to me:  procrastination.  It really shouldn’t be the surprise that it is to me, since this is now the second time (original post) I’m writing about this theme!

Since completing the CCL video, I’ve done everything I can to NOT do the pre-reading for Dubai.  Whether it’s rationalizing that my work background is in Economics and Decision Models, figuring that I can spend some time this week at lunch doing the reading, or just partying so hard last night that my whole body aches, I haven’t been putting the proper amount of time with my Semester 2 reading materials.  In fact, other than reading the syllabus for each class, I haven’t spent ANY time working.  Not good.

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Box #2 – Nine pounds of ‘Nice!’


Box #2 arrived yesterday afternoon!  The contents are as follows:


  • Term 2 Residency Information At-A-Glance
  • Term 2 Residency calendar (draft)
  • Airport letter for customs/immigration
  • Duke Student ID card

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