Shanghai: City of Opportunity

As Team 2, Section 2 traveled around Shanghai, an interesting pattern emerged:  everyone we spoke with was from somewhere else!  It became clear that Shanghai today is what Ellis Island was in the early 1900′s – the opportunity for a better life.  Yet, what as Westerner’s we believe is the “holy grail” of freedom, democracy, seems to be the farthest thing from the Chinese mind.  After doing several interviews with Shanhai residents, maybe that’s ok too…

Shanghai Culture Dash

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The Completely Unofficial Duke Fuqua MBA Cross Continent Guide to Shanghai

Complete, unedited and unabridged, this DMF Guide will help you – current CCMBA student, Fuqua applicant (or erstwhile tourist) – make the most out of your Shanghai Residency.

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DMF Guide to the Shanghai Residency

Inside you will find everything you need to know about Shanghai, including:

  • The best way to get from Pudong Airport to Shanghai City
  • How to get around Shanghai like a local
  • Places to go – and not those tourist traps either – to get yourself sorted for the CCL Culture Dash
  • The insane amount of things to do in wonderful city, like legal drunk driving!
  • Where to get a suit made
  • Top restaurant and other dining options, and of course
  • An in-depth guide to Shanghai’s Nightlife and Bar Scene

What to do in Shanghai?

Make your own Shanghai itinerary! The options are nigh unlimited!

Perhaps the only 2 things of note that’s not been included here is the new Duke Campus in Kunshan – 20 minutes away from Shanghai – and a how-to on the 2010 World Expo. Aside from that, however, this guide has proven itself handy for the Class of 2010, and is sure to be the preferred companion for other Leaders of Consequence… or at least those who know how to have fun while leading!

The Duke Cross Continent program is about being “Embedded and Connected” and there’s no better way than to dive in to Shanghai, head first!

Less touristy than Lonely Planet! More useful than Frommers!

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DMF Guide to the Shanghai Residency