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Duke Cross Continent Class of 2012- About to start…

Duke Cross Continent Class of 2011 – In progress

ben Ben IzaguirreCharleston, SC, United States
kyrsten Kyrsten MusichAtlanta, GA, United States

Duke Cross Continent Class of 2010 (December) – Graduates!

randy Randy ZwitchPhiladelphia, PA, United States
I currently work in the financial services industry, providing statistical support for marketing campaigns. I look forward to meeting all my classmates in London and the learning that will follow!
Syed_photo Syed HusainRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
I’ve been a Saudi in Chicago, a Chicagoan in New York, and an Indian in Saudi. Right now, I am in Saudi working, studying, and getting ready for the Duke CC MBA program.
Ian_photo Ian ComandaoShanghai, China
Comandao.  Not just a name, but a lifestyle.  When I’m not slamming spreadsheets or slamming beers, I can be found wandering China looking for the elusive key to wealth and prosperity.
Taylor_photo Taylor M. LlewellynWashington D.C., United States
I am the founder of Tucker Blair, an e-commerce company specializing in needlepoint accessories

Shashank_photo Shashank VaidIndia
I am a TV journalist turned publicist turned marketer. In short – a nomad.
Shailesh_photo Shailesh NairBangalore, India
Sarah_photo Sarah JohnstonJacksonville, Florida, United States
Officially voted the Unofficial Social Chair for CCMBA 2010d. I hope to be elected Graduation Speaker (if there even is one) as I could not think of a great honor than to tie together the collective blood, sweat, and tears of the best 120 people I’ve ever met.
Tariq_photo Tariq OmarSeattle, Washington, United States
Andrea WeinbergNew York, New York, United States