Nothing left but to collect our grades

16 months later, it’s all over.  While I was finished last Friday (after taking a brutal final for Valuation), the end of the program for everyone officially ended Monday at Midnight.

So, now what?  Good question, and one posed to me by a fellow classmate.  To be honest, I don’t know…you’d think I’d have learned how to become rich quickly from this program, but the only thing I’ve determined thus far is that there are plenty of options.  Perhaps too many.

Obviously, with the holidays coming up, and the end of the work year, this conundrum doesn’t need to be solved immediately.  In the meantime, I’ll be waiting to see what my final semester grades turn out to be, and what my final GPA ends up being.  While I’m confident I’ve passed all 4 of my classes, it would be good to get an ‘HP’ or better in each of them.  If I do, then the one blemish on my record will be the ‘P’ that I got first semester in Managerial Effectiveness.  (Yes, I’m still mad about that…)

The one thing I am certain of is that the Cross Continent MBA program was absolutely the best thing I could’ve done to further my career.  I’ve met so many great people in the past two years, seen so many amazing sights around the world, that the money spent is no longer a question.  Yes, receiving a repayment notice from the Duke office of Financial Aid on Monday was a little bit in poor taste (really, couldn’t wait until the day after we finished???), and the student loans ARE massive…but it was all worth it.

As many said before me on Facebook, it’s been a pleasure fellow Dukies.  Good luck with whatever and wherever your lives will be taking you!  And to the Class of 2011 currently in progress, you’re 1/3rd through.  Don’t take the second 2/3rds for granted, you’ll be done before you know it.

And then there was one.

Valuation Final Exam - 12 hours of Pain remains

I had a multi-country conference call today to present the team’s Strategy Implementation final project…which leaves just my Valuation final between me and the Duke MBA goal line.  Finished or otherwise, the final has a 12-hour time limit, which means by Friday night I will be free at last.

See you in Hell, free cash flow models!

Three Classes Left, Two Weeks to Go: One Big Bag of Hurt

In receiving the grade for my ‘Interview with an Entrepreneur’ assignment yesterday, I’m down to three classes remaining for the successful completion of my MBA.  In two weeks, I’ll be done them all…and join the ranks of the few hundred other Duke MBA’s that will graduate in 2010!

But of course, two weeks is a long time from now…when you’ve got to go to work, have two finals in quantitative classes, and a final team assignment (especially one where you know absolutely zero about the topic…MBA= Master of Barely Anything?  Maybe.)

Here’s how I see the next two weeks unfolding…since by electives choice, most of you aren’t in my classes, hopefully this will make you feel better about your choices (I can’t imagine anyone wants to switch places with me!)

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