Box #2 – Nine pounds of ‘Nice!’


Box #2 arrived yesterday afternoon!  The contents are as follows:


  • Term 2 Residency Information At-A-Glance
  • Term 2 Residency calendar (draft)
  • Airport letter for customs/immigration
  • Duke Student ID card


  • Coursepack C300:  Managerial Economics – Professor Leslie Marx (pre-reading)
  • Coursepack C312: Decision Models – Professor Peng Sun (pre-reading)
  • Textbook: Microeconomics by Robert S. Pindyck and Daniel L. Rubenfeld
  • Study Guide: Microeconomics by Hamilton and Suslow
  • Textbook: Readings for Decision Models by Ragsdale, Albright and Winston
  • CD – Decision Models: Pre-reading/Residency/Distance

Unlike Box #1, which was packed densely with books and information, this package was a bit lighter.  Unfortunately, this means that the materials arrived slightly damaged, bent corners/covers and such.  No matter, the knowledge is all the same.

I hesitate to predict any grades for the upcoming semester, lest I jinx myself.  But I can say that I am greatly looking forward to the 2nd Semester.  Economics and Decision Models are my background, so doing the work will be like a hobby, as opposed to the “job” that Accounting was.  One thing I can offer to all my classmates…yes, I will have read everything and done all of the exercises before I get to Dubai, sorry for being ‘that guy’.

See everyone in two weeks!!!