The M in MBA stands for Mployment: A Long Foreword by Some Guy I Don’t Know

So, I just finished the Finance mid-terms and I’m back to trawling the web for job leads and future sources of procrastination. Few things better to do on a slow Sunday afternoon when you’ve already bought yourself a buffet ticket that starts at lunch and ends at 10PM.

I’ve thus far applied to 1 job lead and downloaded another 6 songs from this quirky little group that I just discovered: Garfunkel and Oates.

As financial ratios go, 1:6 isn’t bad.  Not bad at all.

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The STeM award – IBM

I don’t know why I found this article so funny.  Maybe it’s a reflection on the current employer/employee dynamic, or that I know tons of people that feel this way; heck, I’ve definitely felt this way along various points of my career!  This phenomenon has been parodied by the movie ‘Office Space‘, the television show ‘The Office‘, and on a daily basis through the Dilbert comic strip, the hero of the cubical dweller.  Maybe that’s why it’s so funny…it’s just so real.  Or, just that this article is so blatant!

So without further adieu, the STeM award:

This month, we award the STeMie to IBM Global Services in the category of Business Trends for ignoring the nature of the modern employee-employer relationship.  According to IBM’s own proudly displayed metrics, the number of employees at least minimally satisfied with their jobs has remained in only the mid to upper sixties for more than five years without change. Specifically, it shows no effective effort to increase employee satisfaction.

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You don’t remember? The Internet Does!

A picture from my appearance on CNBC's "Power Lunch" - December 3, 2001

The Internet is a funny place.  As I wrote in a post recently, I’ve started becoming more cognizant of personal branding and what my ‘Google Search personality’ looks like.  I think a lot of us take it for granted that you can “just Google” something, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll see everything about a person or a subject.  I typed my name into Dogpile this afternoon, a search engine comprised of the results of other search engines (including Google), and an interesting result turned up…

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