The MBA Choice

I wrote in my last post that I decided on a new direction, a new path in life, and so went with the MBA option. Now beyond the decision, I wanted to write about the reasoning behind my decision. Please understand that the following is my perspective and my opinion, and is based sometimes only loosely on facts and reality. I also have a terrible tendency to go off on tangents. Those who have met me can attest to this, though I take pride in circling around to come back to the point…eventually. Just enjoy the trip along the tangents I say. So with that being said, please take everything with a grain of salt.

I was talking with a friend over dinner this last week. She is a lawyer that is in the process of jumping industries and taking the huge plunge of starting medical school to be a doctor. Now that was a heck of a surprise and sounded like quite a risk to me. I can understand it as I’ve changed jobs myself. Life is far too short to spend time in something that you don’t like, or how she put it, “I felt like every day I was dying a little inside.” When I expressed my surprise, she said that I was taking quite a risk myself, going for my MBA. I did the impolite thing and laughed a little. I told her that while it’s a risk, MBA candidates and graduates are usually incredibly risk averse.

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