Vote Pearce for Sebastian Inlet Special Tax District 5

One of the best parts of the CCMBA experience has been meeting so many ambitious, passionate, entrepreneurial people.  I’ve written about Taylor in the past and his rapidly expanding company, Tucker Blair, and I’ve now come across another great story:  Vote for Joe Pearce.

I’ve known Joe for about 10 months now through the CCMBA program. In that time, Joe and I have had quite a few conversations about politics and the World; while we’ve not always agreed, one thing has stood out through every conversation:  we might not always agree, but you’re never in doubt where Joe stands!

While I can’t comment on the Sebastian Inlet Special Tax District – District 5 election (I don’t live in Florida, nor do I know about the specific local issues), one thing I can say is that I’ve never wondered about Joe’s fiscal conservative credentials or strength of character.  If your views are represented at the Vote Pearce website, I don’t think you’ll find anyone who will fight harder tooth-and-nail to represent you.

Good luck Joe with your first foray into politics!

Note:  Not paid for, nor authorized by Joe Pearce.  My only relationship to Joe is through the Duke Fuqua CCMBA program, and I have no vested interest in the outcome of the election, other than supporting a friend.


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