Congratulations to the Fuqua School of Business!


Just checked my Duke email to find the following message from Blair Sheppard, Dean of the Fuqua School of Business:

As will be announced tomorrow in FT, Fuqua has climbed to #20 in the world rankings, continuing our steady rise from #28 in 2008 and #22 last year. Among U.S. schools, Fuqua is ranked #10, up from #11 last year. We are now in the Top 10 in all of the major rankings of U.S. business schools.

Congratulations to all of the faculty, administrators, and students that made this possible!

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4 comments to Congratulations to the Fuqua School of Business!

  • Syed Husain

    This certainly is good news, hopefully it will translate into better/more opportunities after graduation. Haven’t heard from Ian in a while, any news on him?

  • Yeah, I had an email conversation with him right before we did the Google posts. Pretty sure he’s got a semi-permanent job right now…we’ll find out in Delhi I guess!

  • Syed Husain

    Nauman has not gotten his visa yet, this is ridiculous. The Indian consulate has had his visa for the past 7 weeks.

  • Yeah, that really sucks about Nauman. We were going to have this big rock show thing, now he won’t even be able to see the lectures.

    But I can confirm that Ian is in fact doing well (roommate at the Country Inn).