The feeling of getting an HP in accounting

I feel how this kid felt after he scored.

write an essay

Totally dumbfounded would be a good description, with a lot of emphasis on the dumb part of it.


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6 comments to The feeling of getting an HP in accounting

  • Welcome back! Had to switch to a different video, Yahoo wasn’t allowing streaming for some reason.

    I got an HP too, and it definitely feels a little like dumb luck. But I’m not going to argue…got it done, time to move on!

  • Syed Husain

    Thanks for making the switch, yeah I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth (not really sure what that means). Time to move on to supply and demand curves.

  • Ian Comandao

    The easiest way to check if a horse is healthy is if you look in its mouth and check its gums and teeth. Back then people used to give horses as gifts.

    So basically, yeah… you’re not supposed to look at gift horses in the mouth… because they bite.

  • Syed Husain

    In that case I ain’t looking at any mouths, I wonder if the same thing can be applied to camels.

  • Are you expecting that we’ll get a gift camel? I mean, I know Duke gave us a lot of gifts last time, but I’m not sure I’m up for livestock this go ’round!

  • Syed Husain

    If they do, I won’t be looking at it’s teeth. (it would be really funny if they gave us little camels with the duke logo on it this time around)