Man v. Accounting

I know what you were thinking Accounting exam.  You thought you could psych me out, with your 24 time deadline and your bazillion questions.  And after I took that second break 6 hours in, I heard your faint snickering.  When I retired for bed, I knew you had that smug look on your face, thinking I was defeated.

But I wasn’t defeated, I was just getting started.  With some frosted flakes in my belly, and a Little Debbie Fudge Round chaser, I came ready to compete.  Debits, Credits, Shareholders Equity…you got nothin’!  Accounting exam, if you truly wanted me to spend more time with you , you shoulda brought the heat!  You’re not fire, you’re just the smoke coming off my keyboard.

Yeah, you might get the last laugh when grades come out, but I’m not scared.  In Round 1 of the battle of Man v. Accounting, MAN WON!

p.s. It took me 12 hours to complete the exam.  Pretty sure my comprehensive exams to get my Masters in Econ weren’t this tough.  Good luck to the remaining classmates who have yet to experience the fun!

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1 comment to Man v. Accounting

  • Dan McCleary

    Congrats on getting through, Randy. I have heard a lot of folks with master’s degrees (often technical ones) comment that it was a harder exam to get through than any previous test. Good luck to the rest of the class.