Silly, Happiness & The Duke MBA


Taking a break from my micro ‘reading and studying’ marathons is such a joy that ‘Golly’ I cannot but express!!

I love to live these moments of freedom. I love to think. Think about anything that comes to my mind. Many times nothing comes to my mind.

Often in such moments – I am free. So, I look around.

I look closer.

Off late I have noticed a squirrel outside my window. I have been seeing her (him), I prefer ‘her’, since the last few days. I call her Silly. She is quick, furtive and organized.

Mostly I see Silly frolicking and gamboling with visible pleasure. I know that she works and plays and plays and works; but I still don’t know in which order.

Silly paces up and down the tree. I think she has a nest up there. I haven’t seen it yet. But hold on. Do squirrels nest on trees? Yes they do. Some squirrels live on trees.

Silly, my squirrel, seems friendly, dedicated and playful. She goes about her daily business methodically. Climbing up and down, fetching nuts, hiding food, organizing herself; fetching nuts, burying food, organizing herself; repeatedly, day in and day out.

Silly engages in what zoologists call scatter hoarding! Her currency is food. She is structured, responsible, and forward-thinking in its management.

Silly is happy. She invests more, consumes little. And she smiles. Every day Silly works on her smiles. Pacing, pausing and posing to tell me how she is doing; again and again.

Silly, the squirrel, has a story to tell. She starts her day with an improbability moves to a possibility which could lead her to a probability which may lead her to an opportunity through to happiness.

Oh! Isn’t that the Duke MBA?