Work Ethic – Dubai v. London


What can I say? Residency #2 (Dubai) was drastically different from Residency #1 (London). This is most clearly evidenced in my notebooks… and my tan. Looking back to study for the DM quiz, I found nothing of value except for a messily scribbled “so hungover” on day 3 and some cute doodles. What was it about Dubai that got in the way of schooling?

To be clear, I am a pretty meticulous student. I am always focused and am rarely unprepared. The feeling of not understanding what is being discussed in class can put me on the verge of a panic attack – so naturally I do my best to avoid this feeling by paying close attention and staying up-to-date on assignments.

But neither was the case in Dubai – I didn’t prepare and I didn’t panic. I stared blankly at Peng’s slides, paying more attention to Vijay sleeping soundly across the aisle and making plans to head to the beach after class instead of hearing speakers (after two speakers, I decided that these were somewhat pointless as they never really revealed the information that we were seeking –i.e. what the heck are you going to do about all of this debt?). I also think that my bathing suit played a large role in this fiasco. Most days, I sped up to my room on the 28th floor as soon as class broke for lunch and immediately headed to the pool. But on a few occasions, particularly those days when we only had 45 minutes for lunch, I simply wore my bathing suit under my business casual attire. Clad in my bathing suit (or about to be), I simply couldn’t think of anything else besides the warm Dubai sun on my skin and the amazing salt water pool.

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