There’s An App For That

In an effort to make sure everyone stays productive here are a few Smart Phone Aps.  I’ve found these have been useful for going through the CCMBA program.  Some I have and use often, and some I just found out about so I’m hoping to get some wonderful user testing feedback as we go through school.

Travel Apps-

With all of the international travel required with this program, we need to be ready to figure out where we are going and be ready for the next trip.  Here are a few travel apps that I’ve found handy while preparing for and traveling on CCMBA trips.

App Icon App Name Description Price
  General In general I advise that you check for metro maps and taxi aps if they are available for the city you’re traveling to.  Shanghai, London, Tokyo, etc all have free apps for their transit systems and are worth having handy on any culture dash. FREE
  General Airline carriers that have online apps for boarding passes and check in can help out for quickly going through the airport, foreign and domestic.  Updates and flight changes are also pushed to your phone.  Delta, American, Skyblue, are just a few of the airlines now offering this. FREE
  Airline Seat Guide After ending up in some pretty dumpy seats, I’m thinking this one might be worth the money. $1.99
  Smart Traveler Register your trip with the US State Department directly from your smart phone.  It also has other useful information such as embassy location/contact, travel alerts, and local laws. FREE



We all know Skype and Gchat and other tools, so here are a few extra to keep you connected.

App Icon App Name Description Price
  Voxer This one was introduced to me by a number of people in our class in Dubai.  It’s walkie-talkie like messaging where voice messages, photos, and videos can be sent between people with the ap. FREE
  Kik Free text messaging that can be used no matter where you or your friends are in the world that uses your telephone number as the account.  FREE
  Skype Wifi This ap allows you to connect to nearby Wifi hotspots and only pay for Skype credit to connect.  After you’re connected you can load up as much data as you like without using your international data rates. FREE



The news?  What is that?  Oh you mean the latest events that happened while we were buried in Accounting and Decision Models!  These aps should help you stay posted on all the latest.

App Icon App Name Description Price
  BBC News This free subscription keeps you posted on the BBC World News headlines directly from your phone.  Categories separate the stories by region and by topic.  Have the latest GMI and CCL updates at your fingertips. FREE
  Wall Street Journal Get the latest from Wall Street without having to pick up a paper.  You can even get podcasts and videos. FREE
  Harvard Business Review **Cough, cough** I know.  But friends close, enemies closer.  Keep them on your phone so they don’t get away from you. $2.99



Here’s just a few study tools that can help you while you’re studying this term or the next.

App Icon App Name Description Price
  Gflash+ Flashcards & Tests You can create flash cards directly in the ap or using Google docs.  Has multiple choice or definition style tests. FREE
  Easy Formulas and Functions for Microsoft Excel For all the spreadsheets we have done and will do, this quick reference tool is handy to check for the right formula and basic excel formulas.  Other paid apps can get more fancy, but this one is a simple and easy guide. FREE
  Statistics 1 I haven’t tried this one yet, but from the reviews and the overview it provides some great aids to explain the basic concepts we’ll be going over this term.  It seems to be worth the small investment for anyone struggling. $3.99
  Dropbox If you are using the online version of Dropbox for file sharing on team documents, this is a great way to keep up with documents on the go. FREE


A Shrinking World

This morning I received an email informing me that my Visa application had been received and was in process. I sent it in yesterday. The crazy thing is, I live in California and it traveled across the country to DC in less than a day. As I was driving in to work today, I couldn’t help but think of how wonderful our ability to send things quickly is, or how easy it is to take for granted.

It is so easy for us, not only on a national stage, but on an international stage, to get information and communication spread to almost anywhere on this planet. We have email, telephone, cable lines, TV, internet, satellites, fiber optics, mail, and so many more ways to convey information and communication. Just think how long ago it was when people didn’t have a phone or TV. My grandma, born in California, lived in a home with no phone when she was very little. Now she is a huge internet nut. How big a jump is that? There was a time when it took months to cross the country or oceans. Now we do it in hours. There was a time, not too long ago, when working more than a mile or two from home was absurd. Going back even further, working anywhere but in the home or in the land surrounding it would be hard to fathom. Now we often find ourselves working many miles from home. We have so many changes in such a short time.

Taken historically, this is breathtaking. Our world is constantly shrinking. At one time, the vast majority of people never traveled more than 10 miles from their birthplace. They were born, lived, and died essentially in the same little circle of land. The world outside that area was strange, though their connection might be through word of mouth, through local gatherings, or depending on the country and time, the tax collector. While we have been able to travel further in less time, we have enabled ourselves to get to places, to see more, and cover a larger footprint on this world.

So what does it mean for us to live in this wider world? I see the world as smaller, but we get to actually know each other more. Disagreements, conflicts, and wars are often fueled by fear of the unknown. Sure, you can say that greed is often a big factor as well, but even the dictator has to have support of some oligarchy or power brokers, who answer to others. They often sell the ideas on fear, even if their goal is resources. So how do we lessen fear? I think it is through communicating with others. We move to eliminate the dehumanization that is so easy to create, when we don’t know other people and cultures.

The point of even writing this is I believe that our travels in this program can only help us grow as individuals, and while working together, to grow as a group. We are coming from all over the world. We each have something unique about us, aside from our nationalities, ethnicities, business background and such. Each of us is different and it will be exciting to learn about these differences, but even more important to me, to learn how we are so very similar.