St. Petersburg, Day 2: White nights, Big City

Russia White Nights

Photo from my iPhone - 10:45 p.m.

One of the more interesting things about St. Petersburg is that during the months of June and July, the days are so long that it appears that the sun doesn’t even set!  The picture to the right was taken at 10:45 p.m. as I headed out to meet up with some classmates who were watching the World Cup match at the Tinkoff Brew Pub.

The 10:45 picture doesn’t even really do the scene justice; even though the foreground is pretty dark, I purposely left the picture as-is to give the feel of the skyline.  Around the Philadelphia area of the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., I would estimate that an 8- 8:30 p.m. sky would be equivalent.

As the game progressed around me (I couldn’t care less about soccer!), it was extremely difficult to keep track of time.  The brew pub was relatively dark  due to having the windows blocked off.  It wasn’t quite a movie theater level of darkness… when you looked at the windows, you could still see small cracks of the light filtering through.  Imagine my surprise when the crew decided to leave at 1:30 and it still wasn’t dark outside!

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St. Petersburg, Day 1 (Part 2): Cultural Tour of St. Petersburg

When I was an undergrad in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, my college roommate (and later, best man in my wedding) worked for the student newspaper.  The newspaper used to receive tons of promotional CD’s from major labels to review, of which a stack of various albums would usually land on our kitchen table.  Being a music fan and musician, I used to thumb through the CD’s to see if there was anything of interest, which was extremely rare (I suspect I wasn’t near the first to pick through the leftovers).  However, in late summer 2001 after looking at quite a bit of garbage, I found a promotional copy of Room for Squares by John Mayer, which finally made the trash picking worthwhile.

Listening to this album, I was mesmerized; around that time, I was playing in a shitty blues band for $30/night, wanting to do something that was a little more unique than playing blues classics too loud and fast in smoky bars.  Two songs specifically made me want to become more proficient at acoustic guitar:  Neon, which is a jazzy song that has this crazy playing technique, and 3×5, a song about the experience of seeing a sunrise too beautiful too describe and not taking a picture of it.  The funny thing about encountering this album by accident (and before the first single was released) was that I later found out that earlier in the same year, John Mayer had played the same bar at the University of Delaware that this band performed at semi-regularly.  Had the schedule been slightly different, this story would’ve ended that John Mayer opened for the band I was in (the shows were only two days apart).  But he didn’t, and that’s why I graduated from UD with two degrees and am now at Fuqua instead of a professional musician.  Well, that and I can’t sing very well…

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