Selfish Self Promotion

I wrote an article for business because, a business/business school related online magazine. Take a look

I didn’t pick the title, seemed a little too grandiose but it conveys my ideas about Dubai. I need to start packing for India, has anyone picked up any packing tricks for these residencies they would care to share?

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3 comments to Selfish Self Promotion

  • Nice article Syed! I agree with your comments; Dubai is in limbo right now. It’s premature to say that the business climate will not recover, but at the same time, they bet it all on real estate and lost (like pretty much everyone around the world).

    We discussed this before, but I think one of the major issues that Dubai needs to sort out is the culture vs. business aspect that you discussed in the beginning paragraphs. When someone like myself wouldn’t move to Dubai for a job, and you wouldn’t move (whether that’s primarily cultural or just the business climate), I think that says a lot about the uncertainty of the city.

  • Syed Husain

    You are absolutely right, we have discussed this issue quite a bit, Dubai has issues to deal with and I won’t be going near it till they do. When do you fly out for Dellhi?

  • Leaving Tuesday night, for a Wednesday 10 p.m. arrival. Between the Nilekani book, and every Indian I know grilling me about my plans then giving me *additional* suggestions to visit, I’m really excited.