The Road to the Taj Mahal

The video below is footage that I captured with my iPhone, as the pre-residency group traveled from Delhi to Agra to see the Taj Mahal.  What’s interesting to me is not what you see immediately (i.e. this isn’t a video that will wow you with landmarks), but rather some of the more subtle details about the landscape in this part of India.  As I edited, I noticed different micro-climates (as evidenced by the level of fog), different levels of infrastructure and development, and an ‘anything goes’ mentality to traffic.  You’ll see people walking everywhere, dodging livestock, other drivers, cross traffic, and even people driving the ‘wrong’ (and I use that loosely) way down the street.

Given the different splicing of videos, and some of the more colorful conversations of the back-of-the-bus crew, I’ve overlaid some Indian pop music to the clips instead.  Enjoy!


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Taj Mahal is just like a heaven if  you go there then seriously forget every place to visit...You share a nice description about the road of this taj mahal.. I found a Interesting resources in this post or happy after read this post..!!

Ha, you got me! I've known about Nusrat for some time, as a musician I listen to once referred to him as "My Elvis". But until getting the CD, I hadn't heard any of his music, and it turns out I do enjoy what I've heard so far :)

+1 language: Punjabi

Not sure if you would have noticed, but the music had the following languages: Hindi, Marathi, English, Urdu.

You seem to be a fan of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan :)