Getting ready for Dubai

Checklist of things to do before I get on my flight tomorrow evening:
1. Read up for the GMI exam.
2. Pack clothes.
3. Pack books.
4. Decide where I want to leave my car.
5. Go to the gym.

write my essay for me

6. Check cricket scores on … wait … damn you ADD

Seriously though, I need to read up for the GMI exam. Is anyone else bothered by the fact that all of this snuck up on us again?


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3 comments to Getting ready for Dubai

  • Yes I am, yes I am. I guess on the grand scale of things, I need to be doing the GMI. I can always do the pre-reading later, ‘tomorrow’ if you will ;)

  • Shailesh Nair

    I definitely “misunderestimated” the amount of stuff for GMI – takes a lot of time for studying; the whole residency seems like a haze.

  • No kidding. I’m also feeling a little more pressure in that I was disappointed in my ME grade. So I’m trying to think about ‘how’ I study, as well as what I have to study.

    It’s funny how this program is really influencing how I work, not just what subjects I know. That’s something I really didn’t expect coming in.