Fuqua Application: Interview, part 3


After my phenomenal performance in Part 2 of my interview, I knew I was home free.  The final portion of my interview consisted of the free-form Q&A session, where I got to ask Cynthia questions about the school and program.

I thought about this quite a bit before arriving, to make sure I had questions that were very specific and unlikely to be answered outright on the Fuqua website.  Here are several questions that I asked:

  • Who does Fuqua consider its competitors for applicants?  (Emory, UNC, other Top-10 schools)
  • Why do students ultimately choose Fuqua over other schools where they have received admission?  (No answer, too specific of a question, no survey taken of incoming students)
  • What question do you wish applicants would ask during this part of the interview, but no one ever does?  (Needed to re-phrase the question as ‘What is the best thing about Fuqua that never seems to get enough attention?)

It was this third question that got me the best reaction from Cynthia.  It was my stealth way of getting her to fill some of the time in the interview, as well as showing that I was interested in hearing about her experience at the school.  Her response was rather interesting, in that she chose to talk about the dedication of the professors and staff to the student body.  This was a refreshing answer, knowing that the Cross Continent program has a considerable distance learning component.

After that, a little more small talk about when I had arrived in Durham (night before), when I was leaving (directly after the interview), and how I travelled (by car), the formal portion of the interview was over.  I was lucky in my scheduling, in that I had mentioned that I hadn’t taken a formal tour of the campus.  Cynthia had an awkward break in her schedule between interviews, so she offered to give me a tour of the grounds, which I gladly accepted.

After seeing the Ford Library, R. David Thomas Center (named after Dave Thomas of Wendy’s fame), Breeden Hall (main building), and the Keller Center, I had no doubt that everything associated with the Fuqua School of Business was top-notch.

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