My Country Is Better Than Your Country: Panama

Where would you want to go if there was a Term 7?  We already get to see so many wonderful places, but as we’re all starting to see with only 2 international residencies left, there is so much out there.

In an effort to have a little bit of fun and to learn more about places we aren’t visiting as part of our residencies, I’ve asked some of our international classmates to help me out.  This is not just a blog post, this is a contest.  The winner and their country get the very auspicious ”My Country Is Better Than Your Country” award.  The way this is graded is by the number of Likes this gets on Facebook.  Just like American Idol or Dancing With The Stars, if you like a place you have to vote for it.  You can vote multiple times.  In the event of a tie there will be a sudden death show off between the two remaining countries.  You can share this to pump up the number of your favorite as well.

So without further ado, Lorena Valencia de Sosa tells you why Panama should be your choice for Term 7!

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