Red means ‘record’

Oh Centra web seminar software, you useless piece of #$^#&!  Not only do you not allow me to upload my PowerPoint presentation directly (or, at least I couldn’t figure it out in the time I wanted to allot to learning), but then you don’t automatically turn on the mic?

Okay, so I’m stupid for not turning on the mic to record my presentation.  And of course, it’s the flawless presentation that doesn’t get recorded.  You know the one…with a voice like James Earl Jones, silky smooth and authoritative, telling the world ‘Not only do I know Statistics, I soothe you into not even caring what topic we are talking about!’

In the end, I think I recorded that presentation eight times. Since we couldn’t go back and record over a single botched line, at least there was always the option of just starting over.  For the ‘final’ submitted assignment, there was plenty of digital distortion in our presentation, where I got a little overzealous in my explanation of forecasting wood pricing.  What can I say, to me talking about statistical modeling is like talking politics.  Eventually, I’m going to get a little riled up!

Who knew that 5 minutes of presenting could take 90 minutes to perfect?  Perhaps the greatest irony…it’s not even a graded assignment.  What was I so nervous about?

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3 comments to Red means ‘record’

  • syed

    Well, as you said, it was an ungraded assignment. I’m certain if we did one of enterprise architecture repositories I would be just as worked up.

  • Shailesh

    If you are a Mac user trying to upload the Power Point, it doesn’t upload. I logged into Windows and uploaded the Power Point and only then did it allow me to record – trying to record voice was a pain until I found the lock key. Like you said, 90 minutes were wasted on Centra to record 5 minutes.

    BTW, your centra session was pretty good.

  • That was indeed my problem, Centra through the Mac. Nonconformity strikes again!

    And thanks about the session. :)