Duke M&M's

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16 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back In Their Life

ow if anyone else noticed the little blue and white M&M's on our tables during the fancy dinner we had Dean Sheppard on the 1st day of class, but I picked up a packet and brought it home with me. When I got home, I was ready to impress everyone with my new found MBA smarts, Duke's ranking and the bevy of Duke emblazoned gifts (5, if you count the stress relieving globe) . But nothing impressed my family and co-workers as much as the Duke M&M's. Apparently, nothing says high quality MBA program like M&M's with the schools name on it. I'm still wondering if I should eat the darn things so that people will start paying attention to the program and what I'm learning.

16 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back In Their Life

So my advice to the program administrators is forget the degree, Just hand out Duke candy at graduation and that should be enough to impress employers, co-workers, family & friends.


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2 comments to Duke M&M's

  • NIce.

    If you can believe it, I didn’t get a t-shirt. I ate the M&Ms, lost the mini basketball, and didn’t get a stress relief ball.

    So the only thing I actually brought home was the snow globe and the picture frame, and four extra pounds around my waistline.

  • Syed Husain

    Actually, I can understand most of it.
    They didn’t have your size in the T-Shirt, everyone got a shirt one size smaller than they needed. I think only 2-3 people actually had their mini basketballs when they left London.
    I may have brought home more than 4 extra pounds, but I’m not getting on the scale till after a month of regular gym.