London, day 6: A History of the World, no glasses

Of all the things that happened today, clearly the highlight was listening to Mr. Tom Standage deliver a speech on his book “A History of the World in 6 glasses”.  For those of you who have kept up with my postings, you’ll know that I quite enjoyed this book, as it delivers the history of the world in a manner that is easy to consume (sadly, pun intended).  I also quite enjoy reading the Economist, as my demands for interesting business articles generally exceeds their weekly supply (an economics joke, really?).

Today’s speech was phenomenal, especially given that I am also interested in reading the “other” book, “An Edible History of Humanity”.  The discussion seamlessly moved between both books, discussing how food and drink can be seen as being integral parts of history, if not the driving force between some cultural institutions such as the transition from hunter/gatherer societies into city/state formation.

One thing that disappointed me, to no discredit of Mr. Standage, was the pessimism displayed by my classmates during the Q&A session.  Quite a few Malthusian’s in the group!  I was thinking of asking a really light-hearted question to break up the depression, but there were more than enough questions from my peers and I didn’t want to seem as the goofball in the group.  But, Mr. Standage, if you get a chance to read this, I’d love an answer to the following:

“Have you ever seen the show ‘Three Sheets‘, hosted by Zane Lamprey? While he more focuses on the cultural aspects of drinking for entertainment value, there’s also a small amount of history/culture thrown in.  If you have seen this show, are you a fan?”

Finally, the speech was at 12:30, so sadly there was no chance to have a pint and talk about the world.  Next time I’m in London Mr. Standage, the drinks are on me!

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Glad you enjoyed my talk. I hadn't heard of "Three Sheets", but it looks like my kind of show, and it's available to watch online. So I'll check it out.

Best, Tom.

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