See You @ High Flyers

Imagine it is the year 2022 and you have just received your invitation to the “Duke CCMBA Class of 2012 Reunion”.  Shooters has been converted into an oxygen bar named “High Flyers”.  The invitation reads:

Dear CCMBA 2012 Alum,

As the MBA class that has the highest net worth and social capital in the world, we humbly invite you to return to Durham, North Carolina on the evening of May 5, 2022 for a 10 Year Reunion. 

The Fuqua team looks forward to welcoming you home for this event.


Malcom Riley – Dean

Fuqua School of Business


Fast-forward to May 5, 2022.  The High Flyers wait staff is helping prepare the room for the exclusive private event that Duke is holding.  Security is at its peaks due to the high profile crowd that will be attending.  Sandra and Yasmine can’t help but chat with Brad the bartender about all the excitement.

Let’s listen in to what they’re saying…shalllllll weeee!

Sandra: “Yasmine, you know what this event is tonight right?”

Yasmine: “I heard it was a class reunion, but I’ve never seen so much hoopla over a class reunion before.”

Sandra: “It’s a reunion alright, this is the Duke CCMBA 2012 class.  Apparently the cumulative net worth of everyone in the room is 10% of the world’s overall net worth.  People like Abe Kim who owns the Uncle Abe’s coffee chain that bought out Starbucks.  Nick Sarraf, the guy that created the Nu-phone.  Talk about revolutionary…it’s hard to believe we ever had to carry a phone with us rather than just having the chip implant.”

Brad  chimes in:  “Hey ladies, what’s all the chatter about?  Don’t tell me you two are excited to see Lady A tonight?”

Sandra squeals:  “WHATTTTTTTTTT???!!!!  THE Lady A is coming?  I love Ayisha  
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Completing the MBA Marathon

A marathon is 26.2 miles.  After months of training your body to go the distance, you set out the morning of the race with only one goal…to finish the race.  The starting line is packed as each runner lines up according to pace time and starts the race with nerves, hoping that the months leading to this one race pay off.  With a gunshot, the race begins and 26.2 miles lay ahead of you.

Some runners have a strategy to start strong and get a lead in the beginning.  Others try to conserve energy and have faster “mile splits” in the second half of the race.  And others, just have a goal of not collapsing.  Those first few miles are exciting.  You’re running in a pack and you’re all together.  You have started.  There’s no more waiting, it’s time to run!

After a few more miles the pace groups start to spread out and reality begins to set in, that you need to find your own pace and settle in for the longer distance.  The end seems far away, and rather than counting down, you’re counting up.  Mile 1, Mile 2, Mile 3…oh how far away the finish line seems.

You continue though.  You’re motivated.  You’ve rehearsed this scenario in numerous training runs.  You can do 13 miles before breakfast and not break a sweat.  You can slam gels without gagging.  You don’t even feel the blisters anymore.  Before you know it you’ve reached the half way mark and you realize that it’s all downhill from here.

Now it’s time for what runners call “negative split times”.  In layman’s terms, you pick up the pace.  With your goal of the finish line in site you begin to push yourself just a little bit harder than you did in your first  
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