Job requirements.


Check out this ad for a technical manager from SBM, The General Marketing and Services Representative of IBM World Trade Corporation in Saudi Arabia, their requirements are:

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer or IT Technical Certifications is mandatory We would prefer nationalities like British, Canadian, American, Jordanian, Lebanese, Australian, New Zealander, South African, French and Italian. Only Native Arabic Speakers (or) Westerners can apply.

Given our marketing reading for this week I was wondering how much control IBM has over its subsidiaries and their policies.

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2 comments to Job requirements.

  • “Age should be under 50″

    Hahaha! That’s a pretty funny job ad, knowing that it’s actually real! Although if you’re going to have an age limit on an IT job, I would think you’d want to go way lower than that, given the pace of technology changes.

  • Mike

    Granted its in IT, but its IT sales primarily. I do find funny though that they want 20+ years experience but want you to be less than 50. So hopefully you didn’t mess around at all after school… Oh, and they want you to have experience in 5+ fairly broad industries that aren’t particularly all that related to each other (in the US Telecom and Utilities would be the closest related probably, but in other areas Government and Healthcare may be more related). Oh, and they want you to have experience across a fairly broad range of technologies (ERP, CRM, and Data Warehousing are all areas that people would not necessarily jump around between).