London, day 5: The Culture Dash, part 2.


So the team ran around London, getting some footage and trying not to piss off the natives.  But since we DID get a rather unfriendly reaction at our final stop, Team 6 decided to call it a day on the academic front.

At this point, the team disbanded, with myself, Jignesh, and Sarah deciding that if we were going to be so close to the London Eye, we ought to go for a ride.  Here’s a vertigo-inducing picture from the exact top of the Eye for all you acrophobes:

After riding the London Eye, which was amazingly smooth and not scary, we decided to make our way home when a thought hit:  MEXICAN FOOD.

No one thinks “Mexican Food” when they go to London.  Only the body “thinks” Mexican food through cravings.  We didn’t have time to argue about who likes Mexican the most (I do, BTW), we just needed to get there.  Unfortunately, “there” was Leicester Square, so another tube ride. Good thing we got the day pass.

So we arrive at the Mexican restaurant, and just our luck…there’s a wait. We decided to grab a pitcher of margs from the bar, because when it comes down to it, Mexican food without tequila is like beer without the bubbles!  We also ordered some nachos, and the fun began.

Before we sat down at the bar, we clearly asked the hostess if we could order food at the bar.  She suggested that we should, and when the table was ready, we could move.  Yet, the bartender was really salty about having to bring the food to us at our table, even though we ordered at the bar.  To the point where she stated “Next time you are here, you cannot…”

I tuned out at that point, because there would be no next time.  Sorry for messing up your day, bartender.

After that, doesn’t really matter.  Guess we rode the tube back, waked to the hotel, and I passed out.  Note to self:  sleep deprivation + tequila + beer = pass out before completing the next day’s reading materials.  Glad I’ve already covered macro in a previous life.


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