The Fuqua Experience

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The Fuqua Experience

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What not to do at an MBA Fair

September 29th, 2009by Randy Zwitch · No Comments · General

This post should serve as a warning to all of you prospective students out there applying to business school.  Apparently, one of the Fuqua admissions staff was verbally abused while in Mumbai because he wouldn’t give his personal info to a “prospective” student.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that probably isn’t [...]

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Tucker Blair and the Duke MBA

September 18th, 2009by Taylor Llewellyn · No Comments · Entrepreneurship

Growing up, both of my parents ran their own businesses. This upbringing shaped my entrepreneurial spirit from an early age.  So much so that it’s always amazing to me that so many people feel like they can’t run their own businesses, or are surprised to hear that not everyone works for a large corporation. 
Upon graduating [...]

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Never been so happy to be ‘average’

September 7th, 2009by Randy Zwitch · No Comments · Semester 1

On Saturday, I received my Accounting mid-term in the mail.  I got a 78 out of 130, or 60%.  Now, that hardly sounds like an accomplishment, especially on am open-book test.  But given that Fuqua grades on a relative scale, I actually did pretty well!
The class distribution had a mean/median of 73 points, which means [...]

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