London, day 7-8: The gears are grinding.


Not a whole lot to say.  Tired, running out of clothes, need about 26 hours per day to do what I need to, falling asleep in class…and yet learning a ridiculous amount about my career, my life, and some of the things I already thought I “knew” about myself.  One thing I can say:  drinking 10-15 caffeinated drinks per day wrecks your digestive system, and it doesn’t even really keep me awake anymore.

The question now becomes, what happens when I go home?  What happens when I don’t need to work 17 hours a day?  What happens when I’m not surrounded by brilliance at work, will I go back to being “myself” (in a bad way)?  How will I reconcile the person I am here (outgoing, busy, perhaps even ‘friendly’), with the person I am at home (reserved, lazy)?

I’ll definitely spend more time ‘maximizing’ my home life and time with my wife, something that I’m (obviously) not getting here in London.

So yeah, no theme today, just feeling real introspective.

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