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Congratulations to Duke – 2010 National Champions!

April 6th, 2010 by Randy Zwitch · No Comments · Fun

I couldn't be in Durham, but I still celebrated with my fellow Dukies!

What a wonderful morning! I think this qualifies as a good topic for Post #200 :)

Last night, my wife and I both were able to overcome our work-induced fatigue as we watched Duke take the 2010 Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship!  What a nail-biter of a game; to be quite honest, I wasn’t sure Duke was going to bring it home.  Zoubek hit that first free-throw, but when he missed that second one…let’s just say, I gasped when I saw Butler launch that not-quite-halfcourt 3-pointer!

Seeing as the CCMBA program is everywhere BUT Durham, I wasn’t able to really get the college experience in celebrating the win, so I chose the second best avenue…Twitter!  I never quite ‘got’ Twitter before I joined up, but I get it now.  Not only was I able to share in the moment with my wife, but with all the other Dukies and non-Dukies alike as the clock ticked down to 0:00.  I think the funniest Tweet of all probably came from JonScheyer, who blurted out his cell number and said “Hollerrrrr at me!!!”; after a few hundred texts (I’m sure), he followed up with a “Ok my fault… Holler at me over twitter… Stop texting that number pleaseeee.”

You earned it Scheyer, take that cell phone overage like a man ;)

Congratulations again to the Duke Men’s Basketball team;  gentleman, you’ve made all us Dukies proud!  And congratulations to my wife Jennifer, who beat me in the Duke CCMBA pool…the registration fee is on you!

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