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A big welcome to the CCMBA class of 2011!

March 30th, 2010 by Randy Zwitch · 1 Comment · CCMBA11

Last week, I posted about the ‘other’ class of 2010 graduating, and how I thought there was an interesting, if overstated, bond between the classes.  However, as one class leaves, we can’t forget there’s also an incoming CCMBA class, graduating in 2011!

Since this is not an ‘official’ blog in the sense of there’s no direct coordination with the Fuqua staff, I don’t know when the final acceptance letters are going out. But I know there’s at least some of you out there reading with admits in hand.  To quote my friend Brian, a comedian, it’s time to ‘Sho ‘Yo’self’!

There’s already one member of the Class of 2011 who has contacted me, with the intention of blogging about his personal stories.  In the beginning, his posts will be along side the Class of 2010d (there’s that shameful ‘d’ again!); in the near future, I hope to revamp this blog so that there are separate areas for each class, with the hope of cross-pollination and networking between blogs.

In the meantime, if there are any other CCMBA Class of 2011 admits out there who’d like to start blogging as well, send me an email at ‘admin at’.  Otherwise, why not leave a comment and start introducing yourselves into the Duke family!

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