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Philly, you never fail to amaze me

October 28th, 2009 by Randy Zwitch · 1 Comment · Residency 2: Dubai

Flight delayed.  Phenomenal.

Growing up in Maryland, my mother used to always tell me “You’re not from Bawl-mer“, mocking the folksy ignorance warn as a badge of honor by many in ‘Charm City’.  I was born in New York, but only spending the first few months of my life there and the next 18 years of my life in Maryland, it’s hard to take ownership of New York as my home state.  Then I gradually moved up the Mid-Atlantic coast, finally settling just south of Philadelphia.

I’m not from Philadelphia either.

  • Philly: Why do you wait on the shoulder of 95 North for incoming flights?  There’s the cell phone lot, and frankly, if you’re too cheap to spend the $3 per hour to park when picking up your friends and loved ones, then I can’t associate with you.
  • Airport employees: Don’t be mad because I can’t understand your mumbling.  I know working at the airport sucks, but hey, I don’t mumble at you when I’m speaking.  And yet you still don’t understand me.  Funny that.
  • Guy at the TSA gate: if your first name is the name of a body part, don’t give me the stink eye if you catch me looking at your name tag a bit too long.
  • United:  It’s not enough to know that my flight is delayed on the LCD.  It’d be nice to know roughly when it’s leaving without having ask the flight person, who’s pissed because 20 people have already asked them the question.
  • Yes, I’m plugged into an outlet all of you airport employees.  Say something.
  • And finally, thanks for letting me know over the intercom that WiFi is free for college students…after I paid.  Jerks.

That being said, still can’t wait to start the journey!  I’ve got Burger King in my belly, so I’m fixin’ to pass out on the plane (how’s that Mom?) on the way to D.C.  A short layover where I can catch up with Jaret, Shep, Natalie, Ryan, Ed, Louie, and whomever else is on the flight, then 12 hours 50 minutes to Dubai.  I’ve got an Economy Plus seat, Entourage on the laptop, an iPod with full charge, sleep I can catch up on, and books I can read.  Ok, technically I’ve got books with me, but they’re not likely to be read (at least, not until my laptop dies).

It’s going to be a great trip.  When it starts.

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