And then there was one.

Valuation Final Exam - 12 hours of Pain remains

I had a multi-country conference call today to present the team’s Strategy Implementation final project…which leaves just my Valuation final between me and the Duke MBA goal line.  Finished or otherwise, the final has a 12-hour time limit, which means by Friday night I will be free at last.

See you in Hell, free cash flow models!


Durham, day before The Day: No work gets done during Hour 15

I’m sure it is no surprise that the prior post was somewhat tongue-in-cheek; having 3 classes this week has been just a little slice of Heaven!  There’s nothing better than going to class from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., with very minor breaks to switch classrooms and eat lunch.  A little dinner, a case due in Strategy every night, a Valuation here-and-there, and some Investment homework…yeah, that’s not ideal.  Hour 15 as the break-point might be generous, as I passed out Monday (?) reading a case study on my hotel room bed.

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